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You wanna breeze at Caribbean plus professional business proposal of your extra money? WE GOT THIS!

You gotta check this out.

Our first Cayman Island Financial Trip is open since January. Finally we got our first journey onboard this month. Well, let's talk about this #high-end #CaribbeanIsland #WeahlthManagement #AllExlusive #BusinessCasual #TripAtCaribbean

This trip is in corporate with Cayman Tourism Group Ltd. from Beijing, China. A group of ten people flew from Beijing on Oct 1st and first stop is Houston US where they had a VIP level physical examination plus early-stage cancer screening. As for their connection flight is in Houston, so they have to stay in town for one day, so there actually plenty options they can choose from, for example, a NBA preseason game, a trip to NASA space center, an evening walk at Kemah, but as our clients are mostly successful "business oriented" mid-age men and women, so they are more concern about they health. Well they choose a perfect place to look after themselves. Houston has a US ranking No.1 medical center, and MD Anderson is famous for its treatment for cancer.

The second day morning we were heading to the Grand Cayman Island!

So the plan is 10 days trip at the island. First day we helped our clients check in at Westin Seven Miles Resort. The second day is sightseeing of course!

We spent half day at George Town, In-depth understanding of nature and humanities. In the afternoon, a well-known Cayman banker presented at our first workshop on the basic profile of the Cayman financial industry, and had an in-depth understanding of venture capital.

Third day morning, the officer from local government presented the financial policy of the Cayman Island. In the afternoon, our clients took a private cruise to visit the famous Stingray City, Coral Garden and Starfish Point.

Next day is a whole workshop from a well-known lawyer, he gave a talk on Cayman offshore company structure in the morning and corporate finance in the afternoon.

Day 5 we took a tour along the wealthy area in the south of the island. Local biggest real estate companies explain local real estate and US real estate investment business. In the afternoon, take a day trip around the island jungle adventure (Pedro James, Sea Hole, 10 sails Monument, etc.)

Day 6 Cayman's most famous trust company and insurance company gave a lecture on trust fund operation and insurance in Cayman. After dinner is the most exciting activity that is go underwater at the Atlantis!!!

Day 7 is the last day at Cayman Island. We visited the local Turtle Farm and the Blue Iguana Reserve. We went to local rum winery in the afternoon. Another option is talk about the investing details with our financial experts.

After 7 days spent on Cayman Island we went back to Houston, and get ready to fly back to Beijing.

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